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& Handmade Paper

Porcelain is the most delicate, fine and pure white of clays and is difficult to work with but can produce the most beautiful and translucent results. I love to use porcelain combined with my own handmade paper made from the grasses that grow by the river where I live to make very fine and fragile pieces with holes and translucent parts which can also incorporate leaves and other natural objects to leave impressions in the clay which I often highlight with a cobalt or copper wash. The pots usually begin as a wheel thrown form which is then altered and added to with slip coated paper. It will grow organically into a form which I hope has a particular poignant beauty which I feel reflects the fragile balance of life on this earth. The paper gives a peculiar strength to the piece which is contrary to what you might expect. Each piece is unique and although available to buy in the online shop, postal delivery is not a recommended option - please contact for details.

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