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Handmade plant paper

I began to make handmade paper from the riverside vegetation before the ceramics as a way of continuing my paintings of the meadows where I live  giving an even greater sense of place by including the plants in the paper they were painted on. As I began to experiment with clay, I discovered that I could incorporate the paper and the plant fibres into the clay making a strong and yet thin paper like clay sheet which could be formed into different shapes than using the clay on its own. I am still experimenting with this technique and using it with the local clay from Kirkham which is abundant and quite a pure terracotta earthenware. There was a Roman pottery very close to here which produced thousands of pots for the North of England and I feel a real sense of history by using the same clay to create my pots, and combining it with paper from the river grasses makes it truly unique to this place.

Papermaking from plants

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