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I live and work at the beautiful location of Kirkham Abbey, North Yorkshire.

I have worked in various different media throughout my creative life and am constantly finding different ways to express my creativity. My current work is in ceramics which has evolved from the same root as my paintings, based very much on the natural world and influenced by my beautiful local surroundings of meadow and river side.

Born in Doncaster, I was educated mainly in North Staffordshire, before attending Aberystwyth University, graduating in 1983 with a B.A.Hons. degree in Visual Art. After moving to London, I had several very different jobs including freelance illustrator and motorcycle courier whilst also learning the craft of stained glass. I worked for a stained glass studio in south London for two years before escaping from the smoke to the Peak District to open my own studio 'Glasslights' which I ran for almost ten years.

In 2003 I moved to North Yorkshire. Here, a chance meeting with fellow artist and neighbour Heather Niven led to a renewed interest in painting and the beginning of a continuing friendship and creative collaboration.

My paintings are often large scale and based on the landscape and natural world. I aim to emphasise the natural patterns, rhythms and vibrant colour combinations which occur in the natural world, and will sometimes add a variety of different materials to create depth and texture. I am interested in trying to portray the atmosphere and feeling of the landscape, rather than pure reproduction.


The ceramics are a relatively new venture after the serendipitous opportunity to acquire the contents of an old potter's studio. It has opened the door to an amazing world of creativity and adventure which has developed into something of an obsession! Heather Niven and I continue our collaboration in the ceramics world as Wayward Pottery.

I have exhibited my paintings at various venues including here at Kirkham, King's Manor in York, York Hospital, Yorkshire Wolds Gallery, Staxton, and Syllavethy Gallery near Aberdeen. 

In 2020 I was selected as a finalist in the SCAF Emerging Artist Award with my ceramic piece 'Burning World' a response to the theme of 'Climate'.


I am also a musician, writing and performing my own songs, some of which spring from the same natural inspiration as my artwork. 

You can hear some of my songs here 

Thank you for visiting my site and please contact me if you want to know anything more about my work.


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