8cm top diameter x 11cm deep

This hand thrown pot has a rougher surface texture and an irregular top edge. Combined with the almost weathered appearance of the clay body, this gives the pot the ancient feel of an artefact rather than a recently made piece. It has a slightly blue tinge to the whole, made by a coating of terrasigillata including a little cobalt carbonate before bisque firing. The pot is then pit fired with natural materials and finished with wax polish.

All markings and colours are created by the flames, smoke and natural additions wrapped around the pot during firing. All pit or barrel fired pots are unique and will never be replicated. The colours and marks are dictated by a complex combination of variables unique to the particular firing. For a full description of the pit/barrel firing process, please go to the pitfiring page of the website.

Ornamental use only.The pot is not waterproof and is not suitable for food. The colours are permanent, but the surface can be rewaxed using a liquid wax polish from time to time using a soft cloth. Not suitable for a dishwasher

Wheel thrown small conical pit fired pot