28.5cm diameter x 7cm deep

This large platter is from the same stable as the previously listed smaller raku bowl, having the same deep green/copper lustre glaze, but is a larger size and with different glaze variations and markings. The finish is less shiny and more textured with a satin look. 

Every raku fired piece is unique and dependent on many variables as to the resulting glaze effects. Each is a minor miracle of survival as it is pulled from a kiln at 1000degrees C and placed into a container full of combustible material which bursts into flames. The pot is then left with a lid covering it and later is retrieved to find what effects have been transcribed to the pot. This bowl has a dark green, almost irridescent glaze with lustrous copper areas especially on the outside. These bowls are not generally deemed to be food or dishwasher safe, but are lovely display pieces and can be used as a platter for fruit etc.

Can be hand washed.  

If bought with the other smaller bowl the price would be discounted to £80.


Large wheel thrown raku fired platter